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Group Regression Workshop

Joining a group regression workshop is a fun and simple way to try out hypnosis, and experience a past life that could really help you in your life right now.

We will travel to a past life, a future life and meet one of your spirit guides.


This workshop is based on Dolores Cannon's group regression technique.


In the group session there will be with several participants, and everybody explores their own past lives at the same time. Everybody has their own individual experience.

I'll lead the group through various visualization exercises to enter a light hypnotic state. 

By entering a hypnotic state, we can access information beyond our everyday consciousness and have a glimpse into a deeper state of awareness.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned explorer of the mind or if you have never done this before, this technique is made for everyone. Anyone can participate. It's made so that each person can explore the depths of their consciousness and uncover meaningful insights while having a light and fun experience.


A past life regression feels like a guided meditation. You will feel deeply relaxed but aware. You remain in control throughout the process.

The Workshop program includes:


Multisensorial meditation


A past life regression


Exploring a future life


Meeting with your spirit guide or angel


Sharing of experiences

What is the difference between a Group Regression and a private 1:1 session?

In the Group Regression we travel to a past life and a future life and connect to one of your spirit guides. You will be with several participants, all in a light hypnotic state and everybody has their own individual experience. It is basically a sample of what a 1:1 private session is.


In the 1:1 sessions we achieve a much deeper hypnotic state and we really deep dive into the experience, we connect directly to you Higher Self and explore all your big life questions.

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How to prepare for the session?


Prepare an intention for your Higher Self. Have no expectations and come with an open mind!


Make sure you eat beforehand and drink plenty of water. Don’t drink any coffee, alcohol or mind altering substances.


Wear comfy clothes and bring pen and paper.


Online: make sure you have privacy, and won’t be disturbed during the session

Group Regression Workshop


Discover consciousness doorways you didn't even know existed...

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