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Chris, Bulgaria

Recently I had my initial QHHT session with Diana, and I'm already planning my second one!
The decision to do this again? My first session was so profound, transformative and exceptionally insightful, that it brought a whole new way of thinking and perspectives into my life in a very short time period!
I can only recommend you doing that for yourself. If you're seeking for a profound, new, genuine experience full of help, guidance and insights - QHHT with Diana is the way to go.
The atmosphere she cultivated was incredibly welcoming and comforting, making the entire process so easy and seamless.
A big thank you Diana for bringing so wholeheartedly your expertise and for helping me gain so much clarity for my journey. Love and peace

Martina, Canada

From the minute I met Diana I felt calm, safe and supported.
Her gentle and attentive manor made me at ease and gave me the trust to really dive deep into my personal story and motivations.
The session itself was very awakening and gave me surprising and incredibly insightful information to support my healing journey.
Diana helped me move past blockages and into the final phase of my physical healing.

Xiao R, China

I am really impressed by Diana, what a good listener she is.
With her, I was able to identify emotional issues that I was not able to remove for years.
Gentle as she is, she was persistent and stubborn on solving problems for me during the session. 
Among the hypnotists, she is a natural talent.

Sharon, Italy

Diana has a magical, calm and relaxing energy to her. I was very much impressed by how professionally she handled whatever I said or went through during my experience.  It is not easy for my to open up and her welcoming energy made me melt and say things that it was important for me to say, and somehow she helped me to see things from a much lighter place and from a different angle.  I reached important realisations regarding my romantic relationship that day.  I highly recommend this professional, warm and highly empathetic practitioner, she knows what she is doing.

Magdalena, Mexico

Diana did a great job. I felt safe in her hands and felt she saw who I really am.
I was able to understand the root cause of some of my deepest issues and I felt so light after realizing that I don't need to be walking in circles anymore. I can choose my behaviors and believes from now on.
It was an amazing experience.
I recommend it to anyone seeking a deep transformation.

Angely, Mexico

Diana is the most assertive tarot reader, she is not guessing or asking you information, she interprets the card spread like if she knows exactly what is happening to you, it's like magic.
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