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Intuitive Tarot Guidance

As a Tarot reader, my style is closer to that of a mentor, coach, counselor. I want to help you to empower yourself, to assist you listening the whrispers of your soul and to take your own decisions.

I use Tarot as a tool to access into the wisdom from our Higher Self, to retrieve answers and guidance and to tap into their soul's plan for this life. We focus on what one’s soul most needs us to address. I get guided to ask deeper coaching questions  to help my client see new perspectives and possibilities.

Through the Tarot, I will read the different areas of your life that are important to you — or important in the context of your greatest challenge at the moment. It's like taking a snapshot of every area in your life right now, seeing what your current vibrational set point is, which can be shifted and directed by your own choices.


The future is not fixed. Timelines are very fluid and swift easily with the decisions we and others make. So I don't use it to predict the future, but to see the bigger picture and get clarity about the unconscious hidden influences behind a current situation and understand the lesson your soul wishes to learn.

You will get insights on how to access your own power to transcend challenges, let go of what no longer serves you, expand into your most authentic self and bringing you back into a state of alignment, balance and flow.

It’s a very healing process.

Clients leave  with clarity or confirmation in the cards of what they already knew inside themselves to be true and the decisions they were thinking of making. It builds self-trust and confidence in their inner guidance.

They feel lighter when they know what they can let go of, what they need to give their energy to and what they could do next.

It makes it easier to take action because it feels aligned.

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"Diana is the most assertive tarot reader, she is not guessing or asking you information, she interprets the card spread like if she knows exactly what is happening to you, it's like magic"

Angely, Mexico

Transformational Tarot Coaching can help you…

  • Become conscious of hidden sabotaging patterns so that you can reprogram them.

  • Find clarity about challenges in your life; what their purpose is and what are the soul's lessons. 

  • Stop procrastinating and address things that you've been avoiding to see

  • Make more space in your life by realizing what you can let go of.

  • Explore possible outcomes of several different choice if you’re not sure what to do next.

  • Restore peace of mind and reduce emotional overwhelm or confusion.

  • Find reassurance and validation when you’re feeling insecure or afraid

  • Confirm your own intuition and learn to listen to your higher guidance

  • Be able to see your life through a different perspective.

  • Get answers regarding your relationships, finances, work and any topic you want to explore

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We will first talk to define what is important for you to explore during the session. This will allow us to set an intention and to have a focal point for the reading.

Then I will ask you to shuffle the cards (or I will shuffle them for you if it is online) and get a general reading about the current energy in your life and the state of mind you are into. We can then focus on specific areas of your life and if you wish, I can do a reading on your chakras.

After this general reference reading, with your permission I will proceed to connect to your Higher Self for guidance on your soul specific needs. We will be guided to deep on specific questions and topics.

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Offer the gift of love, clarity and healing

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