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inner healing spiritual retreat

26-28 JULY 2024

Mindfulness, joy & calm

A Journey of Self - Transformation through Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Workshops, FreeFlow Dance and Mindfulness Nature Walks.

Escape to serenity with our retreat experience! At our upcoming retreat, we invite you to immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery and renewal.


Transform your life by shifting your mindset. Let go of what no longer serves you. Heal through gentle shadow integration. Recharge with energy work, chakra alignment and Kundalini activation sessions.



This is when your transformation begins. We will prepare our body and mind with energy cleansing and healing exercises.

We will let go of what is holding us back, practicing grounding and centering ourselves in our heart space, consciously connecting with the Source, and gently integrating our shadow through a loving self- acceptance ceremony.

This will allow you to safely call back parts of your soul that have been dormant and repressed, neutralize anger and sadness, and replenish your energy for the days ahead.

Image by Mahdi Soheili

Nature walks

Relax in nature, enjoy moonlight walks, witness sunrises and sunsets


This day marks a new beginning in your life. Prepare to witness an inner transformation that you never imagined possible in just one day.

Together, we will reprogram our beliefs, rewrite the stories we tell ourselves, and curate our mindset.

We will do an intense energy work session to cleanse, align and expand

Image by Anna Pelzer

Nourish Body and Soul with
Organic, Vegan Food

Indulge in delicious and nourishing meals throughout your stay, blessed and infused to enhance your well-being and fuel your transformation.


On the last day of the retreat, we will use hypnotic techniques, perform powerful energy work, and explore practical strategies to ensure that the changes you initiated in the previous days become ingrained in your routines and daily life, solidifying and anchoring your transformation.

You will receive direct guidance from your Higher Self on how to continue your journey of self- transformation.

Uncover your next steps and evolve into the most authentic version of yourself.

Yoga Group



Each participant contributes to covering their personal costs of accommodation, transportation, food, and materials required for the activities.


Our workshops, ceremonies, and activity offerings operate on a donation basis.

Want to book?

Please send me a WhatsApp message at: +49 163 6184106

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You will receive an Email asap. If you haven't received anything within 3 business days. Please check your junk folder.

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