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Mentorship plans

  • Fertility & Pregnancy Support

    Every month
    Weekly sessions for clarity, guidance & comfort. Connect with your Higher Self & welcome motherhood
    • Inviting and connecting to your baby's soul
    • Heal and cleanse your womb space to receive your baby
    • Support during the Two-week wait
    • Spiritual preparation during the first weeks of your cycle
    • Comfort during moments of crisis
    • Reiki, Tarot or Quantum Connect in weekly calls
    • Harmonizing and balancing your chakras, meridians and aura
    • Connect to your Higher Self and receive divine guidance
    • Get clarity at every stage of your fertility journey
    • Release limiting believes & welcome blessings in your life
    • Create a personalized fertility crystal tool & vision board
  • Discover your Soul's Purpose

    Every month
    6 sessions: Tune into your essence, gain clarity, and chart your next steps.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Exploring your unique soul blueprint
    • A personalized plan: the highest vision for your future
    • Define your unique personality constellation
    • Discover your gifts and expand your potential
    • Become aware of your limiting believes
    • A Quantum Healing Hypnosis session (BQH)
    • I will use Tarot, Quantum Connect & crystals in our calls
    • Implementing Law of Attraction & Reality Shifting tools
    • Integration coaching sessions
  • Activate your soul's gifts

    Every month
    A personalized 7 month bootcamp to explore & expand your intuition and psychic gifts.
    Valid for 7 months
    • 2 Quantum healing hypnosis sessions
    • Monthly follow up and activation session
    • Exploring your unique soul blueprint
    • Stablishing a clear connection to your Higher Self
    • I will use Tarot, Quantum Connect & crystals in our calls
    • Become aware of your limiting believes
    • Opening your Third Eye
    • Balancing & cleansing your meridians, chakras & aura
    • Clear your mind to get into a higher state of consciousness

Gift Certificates are available per Email

Offer the gift of love, clarity and healing

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