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Aftercare support

You just had your QHHT session, you got plenty of insights and information, maybe a change of perspective and probably feel very inspired to take action in your life.

So now it is time for reflection, processing and integration, make the changes you just experienced last!

You can cancel any time our subscription plans

5€/Month Basic Support

Receive weekly E-mails with diverse resources, downloadable materials and a fillable actionable plan that you can implement right after your session or a life-changing event.

15€/Month Advanced Support

Additionally to the basic subscription, you will receive a support call every 2 months  and personalized resources that will assist you further in your development path.

50€/Month Personalized Support

This is the ultimate personalized subscription plan. You receive a mini online session to connect to your Higher Self to get instant guidance and insights. 

Talking in Headset
Image by Aaron Chavez

Unsure which option to choose?

Let's chat! Contact me per Email or Whatspp!

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