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Beyond Quantum Healing

Is a journey in consciousness, a pathway to finding that all answers and healing lie within. You will be gently guided into a deep state of hypnosis where you have access to that bigger part of you that knows all the answers!

Past Life Regression sessions can be performed online or in person.

Possible benefits of the session

Receive answers and healing regarding your physical, emotional and psychological health

Sessions can offer profound insights into present-life themes, events, issues, patterns, and relationships. It also provides an opportunity to clear and heal patterns that no longer serve their purpose.

Find your life purpose

Find peace from stress, burnout, addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety

Get clarity about a life situation, relationship or about a choices you have to make

Release stuck emotions, energy blocks, karma, old patterns or limiting beliefs

Strengthen the connection to your Higher Self and increase your intuition

Increase your self-acceptance & self-love


Beautiful Landscape

One of the most transformative experiences of your life

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here? Would you like to know more about your soul's journey ?

If you have a desire for clarity regarding unexplained memories, fears and emotional pain, or have emotional and health issues, or have a curiosity to know more about existential questions, you may be interested in exploring this through a Past Life Regression session.

The experience is a catalyst to shift your perspective and let go of emotional baggage you don't need to continue carrying in this life.


There is an energetic transformation experienced by most, with some people reporting ease of physical discomfort, emotional healing and improvement in well being.

The Past Life Regression experience


In this very relaxed state, you can easily access your Higher Self. The Higher Self is not separate of us, it’s the deepest essence of what we are, and we are always in connection with this part. But due to our external focus in our everyday life, this connection tends to get more and more subtle.


Your Higher Self/ Subconscious will show you the most appropriate scenes to see, usually a past life or a mystical experience, which is always relevant to your current life. You'll only encounter and receive information that aligns with your readiness. Your Higher Self, being protective, reveals only what you can handle, it is like a caring mentor.

The information that you receive during a session will bring you great insight and understanding with respect to your current life circumstances, and it will help you decide what steps to take next. Your Higher Self wants to inspire you, help you and assist you move forward. I have never heard of a person experiencing a life that blocked them or confused them or made them anxious, it’s quite the opposite.


You will learn lessons from lives you once lived, and clear and release karmic patterns that are no longer serving you. These insights can release emotional triggers and are processed so you no longer experience outdated repetitious patterns of behaviors that may have been blocking or effecting you in some way.

Foggy Lake

A safe relaxing space

BQH is a safe, relaxing experience, where you are always under your own control. It is similar to a guided meditation. I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation where we will access the wisdom and knowledge of your Higher Self.

This is a natural extremely relaxing state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced twice daily; the moment just before you drift off to sleep, and the moment just before you become consciously awake.

You will still have a level of awareness during your regression and are very much in control of your own behaviour and of what you are saying, you can still filter what you say. It is almost as though you are at the two places at the same time.


BQH is usually around three hours in duration (sometimes even longer). Every session is unique but here is an example of a typical session structure:


Around 1 hour

We will talk about what you would like to gain from your session and what are your current challenges. We will set your intention next and perform a Water Alchemy Ceremony and align our hearts and minds to achieve the best outcome possible. You can discuss your questions for me to ask your Higher Self / Subconscious.


Around 1-2 hours

This is the actual hypnosis regression part. You will close your eyes and I will guide you to 3 or more scenes that your Higher Self  / Subconscious decides to show you.


For some people this is a very visual experience and for others it’s more a sense of knowing or feeling. But for most it’s also an emotional experience, since you’re being reunited with emotionally charged moments from a past lifetime.

Wrapping up

Around 30 minutes

At the end we will discuss your impressions of the session and go through any question you might have.



Hypnosis is NOT mind control. The hypnotist has no special powers over you.  Hypnosis IS a cooperative activity, requiring your full consent.  ALL hypnosis is SELF-hypnosis.  You enter into your own trance and the hypnotist guides you through your experience and offers suggestions to the subconscious mind along the way so that you may effect behavioral changes in your life.

The hypnosis often portrayed on TV is known as stage-hypnosis, creating an illusion of the subject lacking self-control. However, stage-hypnosis is just a show in which the subject willingly follows suggestions from the hypnotist and consents to their instructions.

The hypnosis utilized in QHHT® is a natural form of hypnosis. It's a state you transition in and out of every day, just before falling asleep or waking up, and even while engaged in screen time or reading. Hypnosis involves a focused state of concentration (instead of having your awareness spread in all directions, it's centered on one thing).


Everyone can do this with proper guidance.

Image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

I use a natural form of hypnosis. It's a state you transition in and out of every day. You experience it just before falling asleep or waking up, and even while engaged in screen time or reading.


Hypnosis involves a focused state of concentration (instead of having your awareness spread in all directions, it's centered on one thing).


Everyone can do this! With proper guidance, you can unlock doors of understanding you didn't realize were there!

When can I book my session?

You can book with me from Monday till Friday.

A QHHT session usually takes around 5 hours, but sometimes it can be longer, so I always book QHHT® sessions in the morning and have nothing planned afterwards.

It's best if you schedule some time of silence and nothingness after the session to allow you to process and integrate the regression afterwards.

Is the session confidential?

Yes, your session is confidential. I will not share your information with anyone.

Kindly note that no guests are allowed during individual sessions.


If you want to have a shared experience with a friend, partner or family member, consider participating together in a tandem session or in a the Group Regression Workshop.

How many sessions do I need?

Generally people only need one session.


It happens that people come back after some months or even years when their lives have drastically changed and they have a whole new set of questions.

What about the language?

The session can be conducted in person in English or in Spanish.

Don't worry if English isn't your first language, you will be very much aware and conscious during your session.

What if I don't believe in past lives?

You don't need to believe in reincarnation or have a specific belief system to benefit from a QHHT session. You can consider the scenes you experience as a metaphor from your subconscious mind.

Where will the session take place?

I can go to your place or wherever you feel safe and comfortable.

Will I remember what happened during the session?

Most people remember most of their sessions. This is also due to people nowadays having a higher level of awareness and the ability to be in two places at the same time, specially if you meditate. 20 years ago people were mostly unconscious during their regressions but this has changed as the human mind expands and also adapts to prolonged screen time.

In any case, the session's audio will be recorded for you.

Why is it called "quantum healing"?

It means that it is instantaneous, spontaneous and multidimensional. During a QHHT session, the Higher Self or Subconscious reveals information that our rational mind has ignored or forgotten that will help heal and uncover the real and emotional causes of ailments, illnesses, fears and insecurities.As we become aware of the emotional or mental causes, the psychosomatic symptoms disappear and healing happens. This healing occurs at all levels of our being.

Sand Dunes


After your enquiry you will receive a helpful and detailed follow-up email and from there you may choose to receive a free 15 minute Zoom consultation.

You already booked your session, what now?

Healthy Woman

Before your session

Prepare for your session

After your session

Integrate your session

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