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People say they feel lighter, like a load has been lifted, experiencing greater expansiveness and clarity of mind.

This newfound connection with their true, infinite selves gives them confidence to move forward and achieve their dreams.



How to take care and integrate after the session

You just had your session, very likely you received plenty of information and insights. Now it’s time for reflection, processing and integration.




Ensure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eat healthy grounding foods in the few couple of days after your session.

Engaging in meditation and grounding exercises is a good idea. Consider a relaxing walk or immersive reading the evening after your session to create space for healing.

Be mindful of your media consumption, as it directly influences your frequency.

Don’t be consumed by your Conscious Mind

Now the session is over, be aware that your ego/ conscious mind will be back in the driver's seat and it probably try to get keep you "safe" in your comfort zone. It might try to convince you that maybe made it all up, or that the healing is temporal or that it all was just entertaining and nothing will change afterwards.

It’s normal to question the validity of what you've experienced during the session and the insights that you've got from your Higher Self. There are a couple of reasons for this.


The first reason would be that deep inside, you already knew the answers all along the way. Yes, there is a part of ourselves that is always connected to the wisdom of our Higher Self, a part that is aware of what is beneficial for us, what we truly want, what we want to do... Sometimes we decide to ignore that part of ourselves or we prefer to listen to what other people think is best for us or even worse: we allow our limiting believes and fears to talk louder than our intuition.


The second reason is that your mind expects to be the only source of direction and wisdom and is suspicious of other sources, specially if it contradicts a belief that he have hold true for long time. This is very common and even automatic but the more you listen to your recording, the more insights you'll retrieve and the more they will make sense.



Some people listen to their recording the same week, others prefer waiting a bit longer. Follow your intuition and do whatever feels right to you. You may discover significant insights that you didn't consciously noticed during your session.


When you listen back to your recording, you will re-experience healing and open once again your connection with your Higher Self.

Beach Waves

Connection to your Higher Self

After your session, you are still in a very receptive, intuitive state.


Usually, the 2-3 days after your session, so you will receive more information, thoughts, ideas or insights and interesting dreams.


Acknowledge your intuition and the messages you receive. Write them down, take the time to interpret it.


Take time to meditate or to listen to calm music. Create space for yourself and allow yourself to connect to that part of you that loves you the most, that knows all the answers, that is wise.

Be grateful for your Higher Self for the session, the healing and the insights you gained and accept the blessings and further healing that is coming your way after that day.

Creating space for inspiration and growth

Allow yourself some time to rest and relax. Go for a walk, stare at the sky or relax at home. You'll need to calm down and be kind to yourself. Don't fill your schedule or surround yourself with people right away. 

You'll might need some time to process before sharing your experience with others. Let the experience sink in. There will be time enough for sharing later.

Take some time away from watching the news, be mindful of your screen time and social media. Don't overextend yourself taking in too much information. You probably have too much in your mind and it's advisable to grant yourself the opportunity to completely absorb all the information and energy you received during your session.

Something that can help processing the experience is journaling (using pen and paper is even more effective). It will not only allow you to record additional details but it also will allow the flow of intuitive messages.



As you received a stream of energy and information from your Higher Self, it’s best to reconnect to your body and your current life. Grounding oneself (also known as earthing) refers to the practice of connecting with the Earth’s natural energy. Nurture your system by drinking plenty of water, mushrooms, root vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, and beets will help you get come back to the 3D world.


Summary: What can I expect to feel after the session?

Most people feel relaxed and want to spend time by themselves, doing nothing, listening to calm music and even taking a walk in nature. It’s not unusual to feel tired after the session because you might have a lot of new information to process.


Here are some tips to do after your session:

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Eat fresh healthy food

  • Create as much space for yourself as possible to process your session.

  • Have some silence and space to reflect and do nothing

  • Journal about the insights you just get

  • Grounding: Take your shoes off in nature and connect to earth

  • Be grateful and appreciate the blessings in your life

  • Thank your Higher Self

After your session you will be more connected to your Higher Self, so you will probably notice more information and insights coming spontaneously to you or in meditation or before falling asleep for a couple of days. Pay close attention to your thoughts, ideas, or dreams and write them down. Acknowledge your intuition  and pay close attention to your dreams as the Higher Self often communicates through symbolism.

I will record only your session and the part where we connect to your Higher Self . Listen to your recording often to gain the wisdom and insights, you will also re-experience the spiritual healing.

Image by Aaron Chavez

Aftercare support

You just had your QHHT session, you got plenty of insights and information, maybe a change of perspective and probably feel very inspired to take action in your life.

So now it is time for reflection, processing and integration, make the changes you just experienced last!

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