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Welcome to your new safe space

I will guide you on a journey of healing and discovery within a safe space, allowing you to access the deepest state of awareness, finding the answers within  and embracing your most authentic self.


We’ll go straight to the source in your subconscious, re-pattering limiting beliefs, enabling rapid and profound shifts.

Now is your time to shine and manifest your dream life!


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Connect with your Higher Self and access higher states of consciousness, to explore past lives, discover your life purpose, find answers to your deepest questions, resolve traumas and heal subconscious patterns.

Beyond Quantum Healing

Access your Higher Self through an expanded consciousness state to facilitate healing and personal transformation. Explore past lives  with a holistic approach. You can choose to include Reiki, crystals & tarot in your session.

Quantum Connect

This is a multi-dimensional experience that will allow you to connect instantly with your Higher Self to access your inner wisdom to find answers within.

This technique does NOT require a hypnotic trance.

           Quantum Reiki & Usui Reiki

Balance and harmonize your life, heal your emotions, mind, and body. 

Quantum Reiki is a modern powerful technique to access Source energy to deeply heal the issues from their core.

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Lake in winter

Are you at a crossroads of your life?

Like feeling stuck in a dead end job, thinking about making a fresh start?

Or dealing with the challenges in assuming a new role, like being a mother?

Wondering if you are already doing what you came to this life do?


Maybe the thoughts about your purpose in life even keep you awake at night, giving you the pain of feeling stuck. And it seems so hard to figure out the path forward.

Let me help you to find your purpose. The good news: there is a part of you that already knows. That holds the whole truth about you. That is part of a higher wisdom and can guide you to a true fulfilling life. Some call it the Higher Self, the broader perspective or inner wisdom. But sometimes it isn't easy to connect with it. Get access to its wisdom. Understand the advice it is holding for you. I can help you to connect with that part of you. It's time to break free from self-sabotage, escape the cycle of suffering, so you can heal and manifest for the life you have always wished for. I use a set of methods – all designed for you to re-connect with your purpose, to achieve a clear view of who you really are, understanding your past and letting go of what don’t serve you anymore. Are you ready to find your true purpose? Then make the next, easy step: lets meet for a free, consulting 15 minute talk online to find out more about each other and if there is a way I can help you. I am looking forward to connect you with your true self and be a part of your journey of coming to a new life!

Break free of anything that is weighing you down and holding you back

Let go of bad habits, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, lack, scarcity, triggers...


They all have a root cause that is not always evident. We’ll safely go into the subconscious to find it, then reprogram and rewrite the code from the inside out.

Be your most authentic self and live your soul’s purpose

It all begins with you: love, success, joy and the change you desire for your life and the world.

Would you like to sustain yourself financially through pursuing your purpose? A clear vision strengthens your confidence and courage to do what really fulfills you.

Take care of your body

We often criticize and undervalue our body.

We often forget that it allows us to be in this world, to experience happiness and joy. It allows us to care for the ones we love. it gives life.

Heal your heart and experience joy and self-love

Heal old wounds, release stuck emotions, shame, sadness, anger, traumas and anything that is hurting, preventing you from living a fulfilling, happy life, filled with joy and love. 

I’ll help you feeling whole again so you can enjoy your best life.

Experience healthy, sincere, fulfilling relationships

When we have healthy relationships, we are more likely to feel happier and more connected to the world around us.

They provide support to get us through rough times, they can increase our sense of worth and belonging, enhancing mental and physical health.

Explore your multidimensionality

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of who you? Would you like to know your purpose? Access your gifts? Embark on a journey in consciousness, connect with your higher guidance and find that all your answers and healing lie within.

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Anytime you change your perspective, anything can change for you.

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